Our Infrastructure

We boast a state-of-the-art infrastructure consisting of printing, fabrication, and assembly units along with a skilled team to execute every kind of project in large-format printing and signage.

Printing Unit

Here we house our printing machines and the cutting machines that are required for production of signages

UV Printers

Our printing unit has state of the art UV printers that are capable of printing on wide range of materials with the ability to print white and varnish colors.

HP Latex Printers

We have two HP Latex machines that can produce prints with high color gamut and these printers are approved in multiple corporates that need high quality printing

Solvent and Eco-solvent printers

Our Solvent and Ecosovlent printers are capable of producing high-quality low-cost prints that are long lasting and are highly suitable for campaigns upto the duration of 1 year

Print and Cut Plotters

We have roll-to-roll cutting plotters with optical sensors that can perform cutting operations on pre-printed materials. Making them highly suitable for sticker production.

Co2 Laser Cutters

Co2 laser cutting is highly suitable for cutting through acrylic, polycarbonate, MDF, Plywood, and more. We have two laser cutters and can sheets of size upto 8ft x 4ft size

CNC Routers

CNC routers can carve through thick sheets like Acrylic, PVC foam, and hardwood. We have two routers that can carve sheets of sizes up to 12ft x 4ft.

Fabrication Unit

We operate a metal working unit of 7500sqft which is equipped with every necessary welding, cutting, drilling and bending machinery

Assembly and Installation

We have a sophisticated assembly unit that consists of every power tool required, a large dedicated assembly area, and skilled workers to make beautiful products.

20000 sqft Assembly Area

We have a large area dedicated for assembly of signages and processing of printed goods. This space ensures that we can handle even the biggest sign boards and largest of orders.

Skilled Workers with Power-Tools

Our workers are skilled at what they do and we ensure they are trained to adhere to strict quality requirements and how to work swiftly with the help of power tools.

20+ Vehicles for Transportation

We own a fleet of transportation vehicles to transport the ready goods from our production facility to any corner of Karnataka and Goa states.

Professional Management

We have a team of experienced and professional managers to handle day to day operations. We have an office space to house every essential staff and help them carry their work efficiently.