About us

Sushant is a group of companies that operate from Dharwad, Karnataka. We provide signage, travels and logistics services in Karnataka and Goa states.

Established in



Our Businesses

We operate in four different verticals with varying services.

Sushant Industries

Started in 1998, Sushant Industries is our company for providing large format printing and signage solutions.

Sushant Travels

Started in 2007, Sushant Travels caters to travel and transportation needs of large organizations.

Sushant Logistics

Started in 2004, Sushant Logistics provides goods movement services for large organizations.

Pictokart - Online Art Store

Pictokart.com is our online store for canvas, acrylic printing and our ready made art and craft sales.

Since 1998

We have walked the path from humble beginings to making a mark for ourselves. These are some of the pictures of how we have grown over the years