# Once upon a time

A humble begining

Hustle to realize the vision

Impactful Since


The Begining 

Sushant started with the signage division, with a mortgage of Rs. 2,00,000. With a vision ahead of its time, everything was put to stake.


First Large Project 

We finally landed our first big project from Pepsico. Ltd. This is a major launchpad for our further growth


Growth at Sight 

Multiple successful deliver ensured a constant flow of orders. This is when we developed a Customer-Centric culture and developed processes to help scale our services 


Birth of Logistics Division 

We identified a need in the signage domain! the transportation was cumbersome and lack of reliable partners paved a way to start our own logistics division 


Corporate travels

It was time for us to start a new venture and we once again tried solving a problem we were familiar with. Corporate traveling in Hubli and Dharwad was difficult and we made it easier 


ISO Certification 

We got the esteemed ISO 9001:2015 certification which is a real testimony to our work and the processes we employ